Path is a design-driven specialized studio based in Mexico. We help our clients express themselves through clear and precise messages. Our work is built around simple and noise-free projects in order to add timeless attributes and strong identity value to our designs. 

O1 – Contact.

We set up an open meeting with the client to introduce our services. Together we collaborate to understand every angle of the brand and what the work should accomplish.

02 – Project needs.

As nobody knows better the brand, we examine the input given information to clarify the needs of the project, required services and its solutions.

03 – Quote + info

According to the needs of the project we deliver a detailed quote information with specific list of services and development steps for approval

04 – Analysis

We organize information methodologically to establish a scope and parameters based on some information and questions. Your input is just as important.

05 – Concepts.

We explore many conceptual ways and its graphic possibilities. A presentation of the different routes is delivered to seek an innovative, attractive and practical solution.

06 – Design strategy.

Based on the selected concept we design smart solving problems with careful decision-making at every stage. Feedback is essential trough the process and a final presentation of the proposal is given to you.

07 – Refinement – Delivery.

We work on approved proposals to get the final design, we take care on details and its elements. We send to the client the design digital files optimized for production.

08 – Production.

If the client and the project requires it, we offer coordination and monitoring production processes with suppliers to take proper implementation to the end.